Seasons of Gray

A Modern Day Joseph Story

Want to bring Seasons of Gray to a theater near you? Host a Screening!

Don’t see your city on our schedule? Here’s what to do to bring the film to a theater in your town:

  • 1.

    Visit our page on and click the “Create Event” button:

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    You’ll be asked to create a Tugg account. Then choose your top three theaters (Tugg works with most major theater chains), and select your three preferred dates (Most theaters prefer Monday through Thursday for single screenings).

  • 3.

    Once Tugg schedules your theater event (usually within 3-5 business days), we’ll launch an event page where you and your friends can reserve tickets.

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    Spread the word! Get the message out through your church or small group, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. We also recommend recruiting friends to round up an audience. We’ll help out by sending you shareable online goodies containing all of your event details!

Once Your Theater Event is Scheduled…

Your theater event works kind of like Groupon, meaning it will only happen if enough people buy tickets. Your event will be confirmed once it passes a ticket threshold that covers all costs associated with the screening (filmmaker fee, theater fee, shipping, etc.). The audience is only charged if the screening happens. In the event that not enough people sign up, the screening will be cancelled. The minimum ticket threshold must be crossed 7 days before your theater event is scheduled. Your only job is to get your friends and family to attend the Theater Event. We’ll handle all the rest!

As a bonus for hosting the screening, you or your organization will receive 5% of the revenue. This is just a little thank you for bringing us to your town. If you happen to be working with a non-profit organization (a local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association or your church, for example), you can make the screening a fundraiser by using the “ticket order page” to collect additional donations for your organization.

Have questions? Check out Tugg’s FAQ page or email us at

Ready to host a screening? Click here to get started and we’ll see you at the theater!